The Cal Grant Story

The Cal Grant program (formerly the California State Scholarship Program) was created in 1955 to provide state grants to qualified California high school graduates attending private, nonprofit colleges. The partnership between California with AICCU colleges and universities sought to efficiently use the state’s tax dollars by leveraging capacity in the private, nonprofit sector to educate California students. After UC and CSU campuses began charging fees, the Cal Grant program expanded to serve financially needy and meritorious students in all segments of California’s higher education.

AICCU’s colleges and universities can educate more of California’s academically qualified, and diverse students with financial need because of the Cal Grant program. The Cal Grant program is a proven, powerful public-private partnership with the private, nonprofit sector that creates an educated workforce at a lower cost to taxpayers.

Since 2014, this important student financial aid program has been facing a 11.3% cut, which would lower the maximum amount from $9,084 to $8,056—over $1,000—for incoming students at a private, nonprofit college or university. This cut is currently slated to take effect in the academic year 2017-18. For students that already face financial difficulties, this could mean the difference between taking a second job, graduating on time, or even attending college at all.